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Today’s Developer Links discuss the importance of optional subtitles, getting your program to crash properly, and teambuilding and vacations.

Fun With Subtitles (The Witness)
“Lately I have been doing some difficult puzzle design. Today I woke up and wanted a break from that, so I decided to nail down one of the loose ends that hadn’t been thought about yet: displaying subtitles during the in-game voice recordings (of which there are a lot).”

Friday Flashback #26: Going OnLive (Broken Rules)
“You might have noticed last week’s silence. We apologize for that. Our excuse – we’ve been adding content, features and new stuff in general to Chasing Aurora. The design sessions are crazy-productive and our brains are overheating from all the brilliant ideas we’re hatching. And, not surprisingly, we’ve also come to the point at which a few changes were necessary and just right to give us direction and keep us going.”

Announcing Lunch Bug! (Lost Decade Games)
“Today Geoff and I are very excited to announce our first major game in almost 2 years, Lunch Bug, a free-to-play, strategy puzzle game built using HTML5. Lunch Bug is available to play now on Pokki, the Chrome Web Store, and the open web. It even works in mobile browsers like Mobile Safari and the Android browser! For more information, please see the landing page and media kit.”

The Red Cross (Instant Kingdom)
“This is something we’ve been planning for a long time, and now we’ve finally gotten around to doing it. We’ve decided to donate a significant part of the income from Driftmoon to charity, namely the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.”

More Adventures In Failing To Crash Properly (AltDevBlogADay)
“In last week’s episode we discussed how 32-bit processes on 64-bit Windows might corrupt the exception state after a crash, and how any processes on 64-bit Windows might actually continue running after a crash. Serious stuff. This week’s installment of “Failing to Fail” is less dramatic, but still important for developers who want robust software, as we cover failure to terminate and failures to record a crash dump.”

Young Horses Vacay (Octodad Blog)
“People always talk about how important things like team building and vacations are. Around June of this year we realized that we had actually been a team and had been working on Dadliest Catch for an entire year already. We’re always keeping track of how much work is getting done every week and things like that, but to realize you’ve been working on a project for an entire year is sort of a jolt to the brain.”

Lunch Bug 1.20.16 (Lost Decade Games)
“In version 1.20.16, I’ve added the ability to skip the tutorial, as well as an animated hand image to indicate when users are asked to interact with the board instead of a button. These simple changes should help make the game both easier for new players to understand and less frustrating for returning players.”

It’s A Beautiful Evening To Be Hunted (Big Robot)
“James has created a gallery showing off one of our alternate times of day: a pinky dusk. Ooh, lovely. Head below for more. Might make some good desktops, eh?”

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