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Today’s Developer Links cover unpredictability in games, different approaches to tutorials, code architecture for large projects, and why playing with kids may help with game development.

Unpredictability And Control In Turn-Based Combat: An Examination (Sinister Design)
“Unpredictability makes art interesting. Twists of plot, unconventional characterizations, and surprising character development engage a reader’s imagination; unique instrumentation, sudden shifts in time signature, or an unexpected chord progression delight the ear. So is it with games. Exploration, experimentation, discovery: all of these depend upon unpredictability, on gaps in the player’s familiarity with the game. Challenge exists only where the player cannot know exactly how a scenario is going to play out ahead of time. This is the sort of unpredictability we are going to talk about today: since it concerns game mechanics, let’s call it mechanical unpredictability.”

Mew-Genics Teaser Week 3! (Team Meat Blog)
“Meet Frank.  He has head problems…”

Art Asset Overview #38 (Wolfire Blog)
“In this Overgrowth Art Asset Overview I show some prototype art assets I made to test out the idea of 2d/3d storytelling scenes. It was tricky to make these look decent when moving the camera around, but I think they came out okay. Judge for yourself:”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of November 9th (Zeboyd Games)
“Lots of new stuff this week! First up, we have Sportsfriends! This is a kickstarter to take several indie local multiplayer sports games like Johann Sebastian Joust, polish them up, and release them officially for the PS3 & home computers. What makes this especially interesting is the fact that Sony is officially backing this project – they posted an article about the kickstarter & the games on the Official Playstation Blog and Sony is also giving them funding via the Indie Pub fund. They’re up to $26k ($150k goal) with 31 days to go.”

Chasing Aurora: Introducing Trail Challenge (Broken Rules)
“Trail Challenge is a time-challenge for a single player. Their task is to fly through a course as fast as possible while hitting the triangle-shaped gates to score points and receive time bonuses. The round ends, when the timer reaches zero.”

Big Project Code Architecture (
“I actually wrote some new code for Gratuitous Space Battles today, and in doing so, I had to do a bit of chin-stroking and thinking about the general code structure of the game. GSB is not my latest game, so the code I write now for new stuff is more polished and better designed, but even so, I’ve coded about a dozen games from scratch before GSB, so it should be fairly good. ..and yet…”

Final Year Project – What Am I Researching And Why? (hannardynamite)
“I want to revolutionize the way we view and interact with tutorials. That’s a big dream to have you may think. Or at least you’re thinking ’Why?’ Well as an industry, as a consumer and possibly even as a newcomer to games, we cannot decide on whether tutorials are good, bad, effective, or even needed. I hope to soon provides answers, backed up with research, to those questions.”

Playing With My Kids Helps Me Make Better Games (AltDevBlogADay)
“I was never around children from the time I left home until nearly 20 years later when I had kids of my own. When I was faced with other people’s children, I often found the experience awkward and a bit uncomfortable. I had no idea how to relate to kids of any age or how to interact with them. Now with children of my own I can hardly remember a time where I didn’t know how to play with children, and in return my kids have opened my eyes to why we find certain things ‘fun’. I hope I can describe this idea in a way that could prove useful to aspiring developers.”

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