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There have been lots of articles in previous Developer Links about how to design games, but in today’s installment a developer discusses why.  Also covered are Steam, the Humble Bundle, and the middleware tech that goes into a game.

Good Morning Gato # 93 – Summer Chores (Ska Studios)
“It’s not quite Friday anymore, but it is still technically the weekend for Ska Studios and that means it’s time for getting chores done such as mowing the lawn and pondering over the last week.”

A Simpler Design For Asynchronous APIs (AltDevBlogADay)
“Accessing Internet services, e.g. to fetch a web page or to store data on a leaderboard, requires an asynchronous API. You send a request and then, at some later point, you receive a reply. Asynchronous APIs are trickier to design than synchronous ones. You can’t simply return the result of the operation, since it isn’t ready yet. Instead you have to wait until it is done and then send it to the caller through some other channel. This often results in designs that are needlessly complicated and cumbersome to work with.”

Steam Is Cool (The Witness)
“Last night I put together a test build of The Witness for Steam. I’d been wanting to do this for a while, but the game’s ability to run in full-release mode had been broken for a while. From day to day, we run the game with unpackaged data files, because we change them a lot. For a release you generally want to pack them together.”

Spirits Goes Multiplatform In New Humble Bundle (Spaces of Play)
“Today Spirits goes truly multiplatform and comes to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android as part of the Humble Bundle for Android 3, alongside with indie classics Fieldrunners, Bit.trip Beat, Uplink and SpaceChem. The game has been faithfully ported to PC and Linux with the help of Tim Ambrogi of Final Form Games, developer of neo-classical top-down shooter Jamestown.”

Tech Behind Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Octodad blog)
“A common question we get from people when we talk to them about Octodad is, “What tech are you using to make the game?”.  Our goal from the start has been to make the game for as many platforms as we can, so we’ve currently chosen an array of technologies that would let us accomplish this.  As a reminder, our key platforms we are developing for are Windows/Mac/Linux.  However, we’d love to make versions for iOS and Android as well.”

Auditorium + MusicRx (Cipher Prime Studios)
“Through MusicRx, the Children’s Cancer Association is helping to promote a bit of hope, happiness, and comfort to children fighting cancer. The program is aimed at providing kids with a therapeutic means of escape while allowing them to express themselves through music. MyMusicRx is a place for kids to explore and listen to music, play music-based games, learn about musical artists and sports stars, and connect with others.”

Big Robot’s Tom Betts Releases Procedural Generation Experiment “In Ruins” (Big Robot)
“Our lead programmer Tom Betts has been developing procedural generation techniques for our games for quite some time now, and they’ll see their most sophisticated debut in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. But they are also a major part of his PhD research, and one of the experiments that makes up that research is called In Ruins. It’s a game which you can download for Mac and PC below.”

Why We Design Games & Playing With LUFTRAUSERS (Vlambeer)
“Making games is hard work. Work isn’t supposed to be fun. As a matter of fact, it’s called work because it’s not fun. That’s why you get paid to do it. The pay allows you to buy fun later, to make up for the time spent not having fun. One of the reasons we get paid so little at Vlambeer (other than having little money) is that our work has rare moments of pure, crystalline fun.”

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