“DieCrypter” A New Take On A VR Dystopian Future


Set in the not too distant future in the world of DieCrypter the human races lifespan has been drastically cut down to just 25 in the wake of a global pandemic. Scientists have managed to get around this problem by uploading peoples personalities into virtual reality to continue living.

It’s an interesting premise and one that has strong Matrix overtones but with a slightly different approach making the story for DieCrypter sound very interesting indeed. The gameplay itself is a stealth action style set within the VR world, so just think of the Metal Gear Solid VR missions crossed with Frozen Synapse and you will have a fairly good idea on how this looks.

You play as an unknown human whose avatar became corrupted and for some unknown reason turns on the system he has been placed within. No doubt the story will be full of twists and turns with things rarely appearing to be what they seem and instead weaving an intricate modern day Sci-Fi plot.

The game looks very interesting and the gameplay does look to be a great deal of fun with some very nice design choices that help you whilst planning routes to take. This comes in the form of you and every enemy leaving a trail behind them showing their patrol routes which should hopefully allow you to plan your movements accordingly.

DieCrypter seem to contain a very interesting Sci-Fi story set in a very nice and detailed VR world with a lot of great design choices put into the game itself. Although no release date has been announced this is defiantly one to watch, and if you would like to support the developer be sure to up vote on Greenlight and check out the official site.

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