distractionware’s ‘Hexagon’ Goes ‘Super’ and iOS Bound?


In February of this year during Pirate Kart V, an event similar to Global Game Jam but with its own kinks, Terry Cavanagh came up with Hexagon. Initially intended as a warm-up, Terry states it “got a little out of hand” for him. Hexagon is playable both at distractionware’s website as well as Kongregate — and the abundance of comments will surely let you know that it is brutally difficult. I mean, we’re talking about the same guy behind VVVVVV so it’s no real big surprise, right? Well, Mr. Cavanagh has taken it to the next level: Super Hexagon seems to be iOS bound — and holy crap, are we excited!

HookShotInc’s superb interview with Cavanagh at the beginning of July is incredibly revealing of his intentions: to make an awesome game that will be released when it is wholly and definitely complete. Cavanagh promises that that’s sometime “soon”; he also admits to not knowing which platforms will see Super Hexagon. However, the ambiguity of his comments has since dwindled quite a bit, especially after Terry blogged this picture of an iPhone running the game. While that may not tell us everything, it’s reassuring that the game is nearing completion and Terry has been investigating platforms for distractionware’s newest and possibly hardest masterpiece.

We await Super Hexagon with childlike excitement…

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