‘Dizzy Returns’ To Revitalize Classic Franchise Via Crowdfunding

Dizzy Concept Sketches

After a near twenty year wait, original UK creators the Oliver Twins and Blitz Games have officially announced a whole new sequel to the classic Dizzy franchise via a new crowd funding initiative.

Entitled Dizzy Returns, the newest title seeks to rekindle the love for a character that’s considered one of the most successful European based franchises of the late 80′s. Like a cross between Indiana Jones and Pac-Man, Dizzy’s adventures combine platform and puzzle concepts with quirky characters and strange locations. Dizzy Returns will follow those concepts in a new iOS and PC title, but only if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal.


For those of you unaware of who Dizzy is, the egg-shaped hero first appeared in Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure back in 1987 on the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. A total of 15 appearances followed across multiple platforms, many of which were published by Codemasters (who still hold a share in the character).

Dizzy Returns marks the first true sequel developed by the Oliver Twins themselves and their own company Blitz Games, since 1993. It’s also the first time the studio will venture into crowd funding to develop and publish a new title, having worked on a number of franchises with other publishers and developers in the past (including the recent release, Epic Mickey 2).

Phillip and Andrew Oliver hope to raise £350,000 over the next month to see Dizzy Returns come to life by late 2013. Whilst that may be a lofty goal, the studio has a lot of high quality ideas it needs to fund, including full voice acting and a world five times larger than any previous title in the series.

To get involved, click on to the official Dizzy Returns kickstarter page and check out some of the really cool awards on offer (such as allowing fans to contribute in the creation of key characters, enemies, quests and the opportunity to visit the studio during development). Be sure to visit the Blitz Games website to keep up to date on the latest news updates too.

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