Do Not Disturb: ‘Waking Mars’ Coming To PC Soon

Waking Mars
Waking Mars

Tiger Style has announced that they are working on porting Waking Mars over to PC, Mac and Linux. Huzzah!

We’re rather enjoying this steady drip feed of iOS titles coming over to PC – believe it or not, we don’t all have Apple products, either small or large. The ones that do sometimes dance around, boasting of a new amazing iOS title that they’re playing while we sit here with our mice and keyboards playing other wonderful things. So no, it doesn’t hurt too much. However, we will get all happy and perhaps even do a little “you can’t tease us any more” dance when such a port does happen.

This time it is Tiger Style’s slightly creepy adventure title which has you exploring alien plant life in the tombs of Mars, appropriately titled Waking Mars. To survive the game you’ll have to learn the various behaviors of this flora and manipulate it to your will, inbetween crawling, climibing and flying your way around the red caves.

In the announcement, Tiger Style said that the price for the game on PC will be $4.99 and gave some interesting reasons why:

“Launching at $4.99 also reinforces the idea that the game is serious and significant, and that it’s not “just a mobile game.””

More information on Waking Mars can be found on the game’s official website.

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  1. staR-Kron

    Currently playing it on my iPod Touch and love it. Not sure what platform id have prefered if i had known that they’ll release a pc version too. Anyway great game and u should get it no matter what platform.

  2. tigerstylegames

    Thanks for the interest, we can’t wait to bring it over to PC/Mac so more folks can play it!  Just as an FYI, we did not state a price for the PC version — we were discussing the price point on iOS.

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