Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In ‘Shank 2′?


A new gameplay video has arrived from Klei Entertainment showcasing the Survival mode of Shank 2. The objective is simple: players must survive as many waves of enemies as they can. However, unlike some games, players cannot simply find a place to hold up or run a particular pattern. They must also defend supply depots and disarm bombs if worst comes to worst.

The video highlights tactics that players can employ on levels, various items that will be available to purchase and features such as revival. Survival mode will pitch players against the waves of enemies, each other and the world thanks to the built-in leaderboards. This mode is designed to be played by two people, either locally or online. However, it is possible to go solo which Klei Entertainment has described as “bloody hard”. Shank 2 will be released on PC and PlayStation 3 on February 7th and on Xbox 360 on February 8th. It will cost $9.99 or 800 Microsoft points.

For more information regarding Shank 2, visit the official website or follow Klei Entertainment on Twitter (@Klei) or Facebook (Klei Entertainment).

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