‘Dr. Hex’ Preview – Tower Defense With A Twist

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Gene Hunter Studios, an indie game company from Melbourne, Austrailia, has recently released their first prototype for Dr. Hex, a tower defense game with a tiny twist towards hex strategy games.  Instead of having the loose structure that typical tower defense games have, Dr. Hex adds a bit more puzzle and rigidity to the equation, allowing you to change the attack range of each one of your towers based around its hex placement system.

By using this hex placement system, where you decide to put your towers becomes ever more important since you have such limited space to place your towers when you compare it to a majority of other tower defense games.  The strategy part of the hex system makes it so that any towers within one of the blocked off hex areas can only affect enemies that are moving along a path that connects to its area, making placement a key part of Dr. Hex‘s gameplay.

Dr. Hex Screenshot

Dr. Hex is only available as a prototype for now, so it doesn’t have the best graphics or any audio / music, but its gameplay is fairly solid already and it has plenty of room and time to grow and be refined.  If you want to try it out in its current state, you can check out the prototype (but be gentle!  its the first prototype of their first game!).  If you want to keep up with the development of Dr. Hex as it happens, you can check out Gene Hunter Studios’ official website.

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