Droid Assault Review

Review by Mike

Game by
Puppy Games


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Gameplay: 8.5
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8.5
Appeal: 7

Final: 82%

Grade: B

The droids in Omni-Corp's factory warehouses are running amok!

The droids in Omni-Corp's factory warehouses are running amok!

Droid Assault by Puppy Games is an arcade/action title where your task is simple: Destroy or Reprogram all the bad droids of OmniCorp (some uber large and evil organization no doubt). Droid Assault’s retro gameplay is a mix of Robotron and Paradroid, but is ultimately better than both; You start with 1 Droid and aim and fire at other droids to destroy them or you can use transfer points to take over the droid and add it to your army of allied robots. Droid Assault may at first seem like a straight forward retro-inspired arcade game, but as you quickly realize that it has a lot of depth and strategy.Gameplay: 8.5/10The controls are straightforward, but are definitely more complex than most casual pc titles. The keyboard moves and cycles through your droids, while the mouse is used to aim, fire, and assimilate other droids. The most appealing part of this game is by far the strategy that goes into selecting which droids to reprogram and which droids to simply blast to bits. There are over 40 different droids and they all have different weapons, speed, armor etc. The 17 Power-Ups also add some strategy and exhilaration. My personal fav moment was when my tripedal droid with shotgun spread rapid fire was getting pummeled only to run through some explosives to a repair power-up thus allowing it to exact its revenge on its pursuers! Of course nothing is more disheartening than having your favorite droid blasted to bits. The challenge is a little too high in Droid Assault. I really wished that between levels I could use points to soup up or repair my droids since they all come across as a little too expendable.

Take control of over 48 droids

Take control of over 48 droids

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics expertly capture the retro style of the game while avoiding the pixilation that plagued those older titles. The bad news is the game’s droids and environments are simple and lack animation. When you first boot up Droid Assault, you’ll definitely appreciate the retro inspired art style and clean presentation, but after awhile the lack of diversity makes things a bit stale. Regardless, Droid Assault is impressive in motion and has some fantastic particle effects and explosions …and isn’t that what matters most when you’re blasting robots.

Sound/Music: 8.5/10

Droid Assault once again captures and emulates retro arcade games with its music, but of course offers a much cleaner aural experience. All the tunes seem vaguely familiar and are reminiscent of the repetitive beeps of old Arcade games, but are far superior in sound quality and composition. The sound effects fit the style of the game perfectly.

Lasting Appeal: 7/10

There are over 50 levels in Droid Assault and the game is very VERY hard to put down in your first play through…but then your favorite robot dies…then all your other robots die…and eventually your game is over and you have to start from only a select few starting levels. While this challenge is great for retro gamers, it is a little harsh for games nowadays. Why not allow players to retry from the last save point or beginning of the current level? Despite the difficulty, Droid Assault is very addictive and engrossing. There’s just something about amassing a droid army that is very appealing.

Average: 80%
Tilt: +2.00%

Droid Assault is only $20 (the price of 2 movies) and it offers a whole lot more than 4 hours of entertainment. It’s a little challenging, but the variety of robots and ability to “jack” new ones keeps the game from getting stale. The Graphic Style, High Scores, Music and Challenge all work together to capture the spirit of older coin-op arcade shooters. If you’re into retro games this one is a must buy.

Verdict: 82%