‘Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep’ Now Available

Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep
Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep

Action RPG Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep has now finally been released after a few launch time hiccups, but the wait has been worth it now that you can play before you purchase.

Bulletproof Arcade’s double DK did have a dose of pre-release jitters which meant its release was slightly delayed. You can jump right on into the game now though and start running circles around bulky goblin-types and hacking at angry spiders plus all of the other dungeon-related monsters in the game.

DK:DK is as simple as you get in the genre really but it’s of a high quality presentation and has kept us busier than we anticipated. For all the LMB clicking and “float like a butterfly” dodging we did, there was equal parts of barrel smashing and key collecting which would normally start reviewers using the words “old school”.

Currently the free version lets you go quite far into the game and each playthrough is supposed to be different – how different we don’t know. The full version of the game which comes in at $9.99 unlocks the rest of the levels and lets you complete the game.

To play DK:DK right now in your browser, simply click on this link and get your index finger ready for button mashing!

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  1. Andy

    Thanks for the review Chris! Much appreciated!

    ‘Available for Free’ might be a bit misleading tho? Free Demo – Play before Purchase? Just a thought ;)

    In regard to ‘different playthroughs’ – the game randomly chooses from a number of designed level variations + uses dynamic enemy swapping and rare enemies – so each time you play you will see a few different dungeon layouts and enemies will be mixed up and varied.

    We are planning to release new dungeon packs and characters in the near future – plus are considering 2-4 player co-op multiplayer – so stay tuned!


    Andy @ BPArcade

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