English Dubbed Version Of ‘Shadows On The Vatican’ Now Available To Pre-Order

Shadows on the Vatican
Shadows on the Vatican

The English dubbed version of 10th Art Studios’ first part of their adventure game series, Shadows On The Vatican – Act 1: Greed, is now available for you to pre-order over on Zodiac.

Italian developers 10th Art Studios are happy to announce that the English dubbed version of their new adventure title is available to pre-order for $7.49 over on Zodiac – a new start up which aims to provide adventure and casual games that otherwise go under the radar. Shadows On The Vatican is set in Rome and follows an ex-priest as he tries to uncover a plot of political and religious intrigue – pretty nervy stuff for a native Italian developer.

You can see just in the game’s trailer below that the artwork and animations have had a fair amount of work dispensed in them. With an interesting and pertinent plot and all of the typical features of a good adventure game, we can’t see why Shadows On The Vatican might not be worth the purchase, unless of course you are one of those who despises episodic games.

“The ex-priest James Murphy answers a mysterious call for help from his friend Cristoforo. The disappearance of a briefcase containing compromising documents convinces James that his friend is a victim of something sinister. The Vatican’s involvement inspires James to get to the bottom of this mystery…”

You can pre-purchase Shadows On The Vatican from Zodiac for 5.80 euros/$7.49, the game will be released and available to download on February 6th 2012 and is available for Windows PC’s only.

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