Error 37 Used As Coupon Code For ‘Greed: Black Border’

Greed: Black Border
Greed: Black Border

Hey, you know what’s funny? You’re probably not playing indie games and are probably attempting to play some game called Diablo III and having a not-so-fun time in doing so. BWAHAHAHAHA! As is typical, we have to laugh and the indie game community are clearly joining in.

It’s highly unlikely that we have to inform you about the Error 37 issues that are plaguing many Diablo III game sessions, or more accurately, just not allowing people to even play the game at all. Just to capitalize on the moment, Clockstone are offering Greed: Black Border for just a euro if you type “error37″ into the Coupon Code field upon purchasing the game from the official shop. That’s down from a normal price of €4.49.

Of course, Greed: Black Border is a third person hack ‘n’ slash title, not too unlike Diablo III, at least genre-wise, so yeah – rub the salt in the wound and let it burn apparently! If you’re still trying to login to Diablo III, have fun won’t you? We know we will; playing ALL of these indie games over here.

You can find out more information on Greed: Black Border over on the official website.

Thanks Beefjack!

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