Exciting Hack ‘n’ Slash, ‘Brand’, Is Asking For Funding


First time developers Nine Dots, have submitted their pilot game Brand to Rockethub, asking for $15,000 so that they can continue making games as a studio. The team of five have been working solid for the past 8 months developing Brand on zero wages, but desperately want funding so they can continue making small projects full time. Brand is a 2D hack ‘n’ slash of sorts, think Megaman in large Castlevania-like maps. It will be released on the Xbox Live Indie section soon and they’re working on a PC release as well.

Rather then awkwardly trying to recount the premise of the game, we’ll let the developers do the talking:

Brand is a customization game hidden in a 2d action game. The player is tasked with a very simple goal: he is handed a sword and asked to “Make this sword fit for a king”. In order to do so, he must get help from the Mage, the Smith and the Chemist to temper the sword until it is deemed strong enough to do a final test. The three of them will send the player to face monsters in a steampunk castle, an alexandrite mine and a necropolis to do some favors for them in exchange for their services. The player has a wide array of choices in how to upgrade his sword, and these upgrades directly affect the player’s abilities, so that every new game offers something different.”

To support Nine Dots and their debut project Brand, head on over to the Rocket Hub page and donate what you think it deserves. Much like Kickstarter, there are various benefits that come with donating certain amounts, such as having a say in the design of the game or copies of all their future titles.

More information on Nine Dots and their projects can be found over at their official website.

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