Fathom This: Student Project ‘A Story About My Uncle’ Gets GotY Award Nomination

A Story About My Uncle
A Story About My Uncle

Hope for the future of gaming is looking more and more promising, merely because student projects continue to be interesting and push boundaries. Take for example A Story About My Uncle. This was produced in just 11 weeks by a small team of students as part of the Södertörns Högskola’s game program – their task was to make a non-violent first person game using the UDK Engine. But get this: these are first year students who had never used the UDK Engine before.

From what we can see in the game’s trailer, it was very deserving of the Swedish Game of the Award nomination it received. Unfortunately the game didn’t go on to win, but these students obviously have a lot of talent and ambition behind them; they should go far. So what’s it all about? The playable character, a young boy, searches for his uncle but he somehow ends up in a strange but fantastic world – part of the course was to write a deep and engaging storyline so there’s a little more to it than that as the trailer seems to show at its beginning.

As you can see in the trailer, in this weird world, the player is able to explore quite freely using a grappling hook as well as different types of jumps and leaps to traverse the environment. Apparently, the game caters to both novice and advanced playing types, in terms of the platforming parts of the game; how it does this is not made clear though. The other thing of note is that the story doesn’t stop once you enter this beautiful world; there’s a civilization to discover and presumably interact with in some manner. From the looks of it they are quite gangly green people, a peaceful sort that live in close communities amongst rocky cavers. If only we had a more apt description for you, alas, we have but the trailer for now.

The student team are looking to pursue things much further though, not necessarily with this project but in terms of becoming a game development company. If this is what they can produce in a matter of weeks with an unfamiliar engine we can’t wait to see what else they can come up with given the time and resources. More information on A Story About My Uncle and an impressive gallery of the game’s art is available on the official website.

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