Fear of the Dark: ‘Lone Survivor’ Coming To Steam

Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor

With a myriad of positive reviews under its belt, one of which being from our own Emerson Smith, Lone Survivor has been making quite the name for itself in the world of independent video games. It’s just as well, then, that it’s apparently making its way onto Valve’s Steam service.

Though not confirmed by Valve or, indeed, the game’s creator, Jasper Byrne, a little bit of sleuthing the Steam app registry archives indicates that the game’s Steam release is in the pipeline. Needless to say, that’s pretty good news for Byrne’s reputation as an upcoming indie developer, not to mention his wallet, but it’s also great to see a genuinely poignant, atmospheric game like Lone Survivor getting an extra slice of exposure in an increasingly comptetitive market environment.

Lone Survivor may, at face value, be described as a survival horror game, but its wider appeal is more deep-rooted in its flavoursome elements of role-playing and point-and-click adventure dynamics and objective pacing. To find out a little more about what makes the game tick, check our aforementioned review or take a look at the pearls of wisdom emanating from the mouth of Indie Statik’s Josh Mattingly.



With no official release date noted, there’s no telling how long we’ll have to wait for Lone Survivor to head over the the Steam library. We’ll keep you updated on its ongoing status but, if you’re itching to try out the game now, you can download the demo version, or purchase the full game, at its official site. The man behind the madness, Jasper Byrne, can also be followed on Twitter.

UPDATE: The game is now available at a 20% discount here. The discount is in effect until April 30th, after which it will return to its standard price.

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