‘FireFlower Games’ A New Digital Distribution Platform, Just In Time For Christmas

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Digital distribution is an ever-growing market and with more games around than ever before these outlets are becoming increasingly more important in bringing new developers to gamers wanting to buy their games.

The introduction of new distributors is of course always a good thing and something that helps to strengthen the indie community overall. FireFlower Games is the latest in digital distribution and hopes to bring many new indie games to the masses allowing even more saturation.

FireFlower Games is a brand new digital distributor based in Sweden focusing on selling indie games with great innovation and often a sprinkling of sci-fi. Not only are they helping out many great indie developers, but they also aim to help the environment.

FireFlower Games hope to help the environment by pledging half of their annual profits to projects that benefit the environment and also projects that relate to games. FireFlower Games really seem a very conscientious company who are trying to also put back into the indie community, and into the world overall.

It is obvious they have a strong moral compass and are striving to not only push indie gaming along with new innovation and ideas but to also try to create a better world overall for everyone. This is highly commendable and something not enough companies do in this day and age sadly.

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Currently in the launch window FireFlower Games are offering a large portion of their gaming catalogue at the heavily discounted rate of 50% off. This gives you all a great opportunity to pick up some awesome titles at a very heavy discount, just in time for Christmas.

FireFlower Games is an interesting and great new digital distribution platform so be sure to check out what they have to offer by pointing your browser to their site here.

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