First ‘Redshirt’ Developer’s Log Details The Game


Tiniest Shark has released the first developer’s log for their game Redshirt and this time we know a few more details about the game.

So when Redshirt was announced we managed to garble our way into an understanding that the game was to be satirical of social networks and sci-fi culture. We weren’t able to confirm what kind of game it was actually going to be but we had a rough idea. Now, with the release of the game’s first development log from the captain and only crew member of Tiniest Shark, we know a few more things.

Redshirt is to be a life sim much like Positech’s Kudos series, which explains Cliffski’s interest in the game – it was obvious really. Redshirt, however, realises this life sim/strategy gameplay through the medium of social networking in the game’s equivalent – ‘Spacebook’.

Your goal is to make friends and climb the career ladder aboard the space station that you are situated, but you can also form more endearing relationships and no doubt get up to some mischief too. We’ll have to wait and see! Your best bet is to watch the log from Tiniest Shark below for more details.

You can find out more information on Redshirt over on the game’s official website. Make sure to like the game’s Facebook page to keep up with the info as it comes in, as well as practising for the game itself of course!

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