Following Bethesda Lawsuit, ‘Guns and Robots’ Closed Beta Signups Begin


Earlier this week, Masthead Studios opened up closed beta spots for potential players interested in partaking in Guns and Robots.

Guns and Robots is a robot-shooter set in the American Old West. John Wayne meets WALL-E, if you will. Guns and Robots will be free to play, upon launching.

To register for the closed beta, simply visit the official Guns and Robots website, click the “register for closed beta” button, and answer a few questions about your system as well as imputing personal information so that Masthead Studios can keep track of your experience while you test the game out.

There is no confirmed release date for Guns and Robots, but usually closed betas predate a full release by a month or two, so it could be estimated that Guns and Robots will launch within the early months of next year.

Guns and Robots looks to be Masthead Studio’s first successful game. While the company was founded in 2005, it has only produced one title (an MMO called Earthrise) which was received poorly by critics. A little over a year after Earthrise’s 2011 release, Masthead Studios shut down the servers for Earthrise. Last May, it was announced that SilentFuture has picked up Earthrise from Masthead Studios, and is in the process of rebuilding the game for a free-to-play model.

Pre-dating the troubles that came with Earthrise, Masthead Studios found themselves in hot water with Bethesda Softworks.  Masthead Studios‘ publisher Interplay Entertainment was sued by Bethesda after Interplay failed to follow up on the development of a Fallout-based MMO. Masthead (who was developing Earthrise at the time, incidentally) was forced to agree to not use Fallout intellectual property in the game’s development. The official press release announced the lawsuit was to”…assert copyright infringement and other violations of Bethesda’s intellectual property”.

It is a shame when development studios get caught up in such chaos, so one can hope that Guns and Robots will be the game to turn things around for the company.

Visit the official Guns and Robots website, and follow the game on Twitter.

Guns and Robots

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