For Indies, With Love: TIGA Releases A Guide To Self Publishing


The UK gaming industry’s trade association representative (phew!), TIGA, has released a guide to self-publishing due to recognising the opportunities and trends in the practise by many development companies recently.

The TIGA Guide to Self-Publishing: Liberating the Developer is designed to help out with the business side of game publishing for the small developer. In their announcement, TIGA recognises the growing trend sparked by the growing opportunities for developers to release their games without a publisher, particularly in mobile gaming and the social media space.

The guide itself starts off with the “fundamentals of selling games without the aid of a publisher” covers the major platforms and how to submit a game to them, which include (take a deep breath): Xbox Live Arcade, Apple iOS and Mac, Steam, Indiecity, WiiWare and DSiWare, PlayStation Network, PSP Minis, Android and Facebook.

The 44 page guide is constructed from many experienced developers and professionals and is available for free to all TIGA members. Non members will be able to purchase the guide from the TIGA website.

More information on the TIGA Guide to Self-Publishing: Liberating the Developer can be found over on the official announcement page.

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