‘Forge Quest’ Surpasses Requested Funding, Mac Version Incoming

Forge Quest
Forge Quest

The Zelda-inspired voxel sandbox-craft game, Forge Quest, has surpassed its requested funding amount on Kickstarter which means there are a few bonuses on the way!

There are probably some out there who will grumble at the idea of Forge Quest. Another voxel-based, sandbox-craft game? Yes, actually. The developers admit that they combine a lot of elements from various other games, but they promise the experience is something unique. You’re not convince are you?

Well anyway, Forge Quest comes with a procedurally generated and malleable world, building, crafting, forging obviously, monster slapping and of course the all important multiplayer features. It’s aptly described as a cross between Minecraft and Zelda, the latter due to the more advanced combat in Forge Quest.

The developers put Forge Quest on to Kickstarter to get funding for advertising, distribution and music and sound – something they do not fare so well in. They would also be able to spend a lot more time of the game in general and make it bigger and better. The original funding asked for $7,500 but that was surpassed a while ago and since then the developers have introduced incentive to add more to the funding for players.

Upon reaching £10,000 they would ensure that Forge Quest would also be available on Mac and not just Windows, this goal was also surpassed. The last funding benchmark is £12,500 which would mean the developers would release their in-house voxel modelling editor to the public. At the time of writing this goal has not quite been reached but is so very close! Unfortunately the game only has a full day left of the Kickstarter campaign so if you would like to help Forge Quest out, now is the time to do so. There are plenty or rewards of course, ranging from a copy of the game to designing parts of the actual game itself.

For more information on Forge Quest please head on over to the game’s official website and make sure to follow on Twitter for more updates as they come.

To fund Forge Quest on Kickstarter, you will need to head right over here very soon before it ends!

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