Fortix 2 Available Now, iPad Version Coming

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Nemesys Games‘ follow up to their successful take on the currently trending reverse tower defense genre, Fortix 2, is now available to download and play until your hearts content.

Fortix 2 has you playing as Sir Fortix as he once again takes on the evil that the dark wizard Xitrof (see what they did there?) has spread over the land. The basic mechanics have you drawing lines and boxes on screen that ultimately lift the curse inside those spaces. The challenge is provided by the many enemies and towers that can kill Sir Fortix upon contact, so watch yourself. As with many of our most loved games, the Fortix series is simple in design, but gloriously addictive. Contained within Fortix 2 are 30 levels, multiple game modes and inevitable hours of replayable material. One mode that will undoubtedly appeal to a number of you, is Zombie Mode Unleashed. Players can switch to this mode to visit the realm of the undead, in which multiple zombies will occupy the screen and charge at the player. Well, when I say “charge”, I mean a zombie-paced charge of course. More of a slow crawl really.

You can find Fortix 2 on Desura and Steam, as well as Direct2Drive for well under $10. In celebration of the game’s release, Nemesys have provided the original 15 levels from the first Fortix for free. To get access to these levels you will have to work for it though guys! You must conquer the first area of the game, Greemland. Afterwards, the compass on the bottom right of the map screen will change into a trail leading to the Old World. So set forth you little blighters and seek your reward.

With the week of E3 now in the past, we also have the announcement of the soon-to-be iPad version of the game. Watch a video of the prototype below:

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