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Release Date: Early 2014
Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Mac
Developer: Proletariat

The game takes place on a global scale, allowing players and guilds to attack, defend and control cities, as either a zombie horde or as the last surviving humans.

Control a horde of Infected in real-time strategy combat or a small band of Survivors in tower-defense style gameplay
Rescue or Infect new units as you customize and build your army
Fight in a shared massive world to take control of cities all over the globe
Team up with friends to create guilds that can attack together and tip the scales on close battles

The game has three major pieces of gameplay. The first is the shared world, which allows all players to join up with their faction or guild to attack cities. Each city can be attacked or defended and the winning faction will get a bonus as long as they hold the city. The world becomes a constantly shifting battleground, which encourages changing strategies over time.

The second piece of gameplay is the army management, based on a combination of of RPG and CCG mechanics. Players can find new types of units, level them, and specialize their armies to fit their specific play style.

The final bit of gameplay is the actual combat, where each faction has a unique advantage and take on real-time strategy. The Infected give the players a chance to control a zombie horde and mutate specialized units at the correct place and time. The Survivors give the player a chance to exploit the predictable nature of the Zombies and lure them into carefully laid ambushes.

Sign up for the beta at www.worldzombination.com !