Freebie: Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw Releases ‘Poacher’


Upon waking up this morning you thought, “You know, I could really kill some bunnies today”, then you’re in luck as Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw has released his latest title, Poacher.

Poacher! Where? No silly – Poacher, Yahtzee’s new game. Now get down out of that tree and come play it…come on. Poacher is a 2D platformer made in Game Maker and is inspired by the likes of Cave Story, like many games. The culture the game embeds itself in is quite far away from Amaya’s world though, in fact, we’re journeying through Yorkshire, England.

In Poacher, you’ll play as Derek Badger, a fairly stereotypical Yorkshireman as he wields a shotgun and shoots bunnies, though his best weapon might be that accent. Throw in some puzzles, plenty of platforming and more giant bunny mutilation and you’ve envisioned Poacher, or something thereabouts. Now it’s time to play and did we mention it’s free? Oh yes of course, it’s free people!

You just need to click on this link to start your download of Poacher. Some browsers may say that the file will harm you (Chrome did for us) but trust us, it will only harm bunnies, it’s fine.

More information on Poacher can be found on Yahtzee’s blog.

Via The Escapist

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