Freeware Game Pick: ‘Robo Quest’

Robo Quest
Robo Quest

It’s tempting to call Robo Quest Machinarium’s baby cousin – it’s the perfect candidate with its cute robot protagonist, point and click charm and greater robot world. Well, we’ve pretty much just done that! The game may only last you about 20 minutes but considering it’s the result of just two months of work in the AGS engine, it’s a very worthy of your time.

You’ll join the tiny robot as he snoozes in his little house, which is placed atop a floating island powered by the energy of a red crystal. He’s on his way to a party when things go terribly wrong; the island crashes into a much bigger one. Being jolted awake in the emergency, it’s up to you to help the little metal blighter to fix up his island after the crystal smashes into tiny fragments, thus being rendered useless. The robot sets off on to the bigger island to find a mysteriously silent world. It soon becomes apparent that to find another crystal for his island he’ll have to restore power to the city.

Robo Quest is pretty typical of the kind of game made in the AGS engine, but it’s polished pretty well, with lovely pixel art and, although the soundtrack is missing, the sounds make the world feel quite tangible. As far as the puzzles go, you won’t be stumped for very long and that is a very good thing; matching the minimalist outset of the game. It’s a case of some button fiddling, the occasional bit of inventory flinging and exploration to complement. Nothing too tasking at all. Dialogue is managed with on-screen text and you probably wouldn’t even guess that the developers are Russian – they hide their translation through the robot, simply adding to his robotic personality.

There is one little thing about the game’s inventory worth noting, and that is the use of the robot’s abilities. If you double click on him you zoom into his chest and can then press the button to make him stronger. You’ll need to do this on occasion to solve a few problems. There is a lot of potential in this idea and we’d love to see it taken further. Indeed, the developers note in the the “full game” (suggesting more may be on the way) that there will be different modules on the robot which can be used for different scenarios.

Robo Quest

Other than mentioning the cameo from Scott Pilgrim, the Half Life reference and the spam mail from Commander Shepard; there’s not much more to say about Robo Quest so as to avoid spoiling it any more. You can download the game from this link and see its page over on the AGS website. If you like it as much as we did, remember to bug the developers about continuing its development.

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