RPGs, Virtual Life And Even A Space RPG: Fund it! – Must See Kickstarter Projects


Hello and welcome to Week 3 of IGM’s Fund It series! Each week we will showcase 5 Kickstarter projects that we at IGM think are totally worth funding. Here we go:


They Came In A Rocket Car by Happy Hammer Games: They Came In A Rocket Car (TRC) is a arcade style shooter game in which you control a space carrier and elite fleet as you defend the Earth from an alien fleet that has already decimated human colonies on Mars. Players will be able to customize their fleets by choosing between 6 ships, 8 weapons, and 10 enhancements and each piece of equipment can be upgraded several times. Though this style of game doesn’t lend itself well to extensive storytelling, the game’s handbook will include a more in-depth account of TRC‘s story-line.

saga kingdoms

Saga Kingdoms by Gnome Templar: Saga Kingdoms is a real time strategy game that focuses on a “rich love story” rather than solely upon player vs. player combat, like most games in the genre. Each player controls full island and a city at the outset of the game, while growing their empire by laying claim to outposts and resources on the continent. The game will also have 6 different factions, various types of troops and wide range of quests, all within the browser of your choice, powered by Unity. This strong combination of classic RTS features, along with the game’s unique character development component promise to make this game great.


Ring Runner: Flight Of The Sages by Ring Runner: Ring Runner is an RPG space shooter that offers players crazy amounts of customization including, but not limited to: over 300 unique abilities, 65 fully customizable ships, procedural backgrounds & AI and at least 4 online multiplayer modes. On top of this, the game will also include 20 hours of a story driven campaign, the length of a full sci-fi novel. This sci-fi thriller promises hours of gameplay for space cases and RPG fans alike.


Project: Gorgon by Eldergame: Project: Gorgon is a fantasy MMORPG that has been 3 years in the making and blends elements of both old school and newer games of its kind. The game will feature quests, guilds, an amazing combat system and the developers are also looking for new ideas to foster the community, with the goal of making Project: Gorgon one of the friendliest communities out there. If a game that can be described as “Asheron’s Call crossed with EverQuest crossed with the emergent gameplay of NetHack” sounds like something you’d like, check it out. If not, go get your brain checked out!


Mindblown Life by Mindblown Labs: Minblown Life is a life simulation mobile game, similar to the Sims in which players control virtual avatars as they navigate their way through the world. However, instead of being just about virtual life, Mindblown Life offers games and tasks that actually help players figure out good strategies for maintaining their finances, balance between work and play and social interactions.  As the developers put it, Mindblown Life‘s gameplay ”builds and reinforces real-life skills that many people lack—financial literacy and money management”.

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