‘GameMaker: Studio’ Set to Facilitate Cross-Platform Development

GameMaker Studio

Scottish development studio YoYo Games have announced the release of GameMaker: Studio, a sophisticated gaming development kit based on the pre-existing GameMaker software.

While GameMaker, originally released in 1999, has been widely used by small developers and educational institutions for several years, the folks at YoYo appear to be targeting larger studios with GameMaker: Studio. By utilising the new piece of software, developers will now be able to create multi-platform games based on a single code base, drastically reducing both the temporal and financial costs of the porting process, which has traditionally proved to be a costly procedure for studios without the luxury of being able to delegate porting duties over to a separate development team.



YoYo are claiming that GameMaker: Studio, which will primarily support titles produced for the Windows, Mac, Facebook, Android, iOS and web browser platforms, will cut publishing costs of mobile games down to $10,000, with a social game of the Facebook ilk purportedly being brought down to around $50,000. They’re also alleging that their development tools will accelerate the development process by 80%, apparently allowing developers to create fully working gaming prototypes within a few hours, with full cross-platform titles supposedly achievable within a timeframe of a few short weeks.

For more information on GameMaker: Studio, take a look at its subsection of YoYo Games’ official website.

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  1. jimvonmoon

    Looks interesting and the price is pretty good, but I can’t see any demo version or documentation of that programming language that they use (GML). There’s also no support for 3D graphics.

  2. Fenyx

    Demo version: GameMaker 8.1 Lite. It is almost the same, just Windows only, and several features (like multiplayer and 3D) are locked out, and a watermark appears on stuff made with it.

    The documentation is in the manuals for the program, since it is their personal scripting language.

    There is no 3D support in HTML5 yet, but the other systems have basic 3D support.

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