‘GameMaker:Studio’ Pricing Revealed


YoYo Games revealed the pricing of their upcoming GameMaker:Studio at GDC last week and it seems you’ll have to fork out quite a bit of money if you want to port your game beyond PC and Mac.

Currently in public beta, GameMaker:Studio is an upcoming, easy-to-use toolset that allows ports to multiple platforms. If you’re not familiar with GameMaker, then it’s basically transforms the making of games in to something that anyone can do, without the need to understand coding due to a handy drag and drop interface. GameMaker:Studio aims to make porting to iOS and Android just as easy, while making development of your games 75% faster.

The standard price for GameMaker:Studio will be $99 and that will allow users to export their games on to PC and Mac. If you wish to release your game on the extra platforms -HTML5, Symbian, iOS and Android – then it will cost an extra $200 per platform and you’ll have to be a registered developer on those platforms too.

GameMaker Blog adds: “Those who have purchased GameMaker HTML5 will automatically receive access to GameMaker Studio with the Windows, Mac and HTML5 export options. As GameMaker HTML5 can currently be purchased for $99 this gives a potential saving of $200 over the cost of buying this level of GameMaker Studio package directly when it becomes available ($299 = $99 basic program + $200 for the HTML5 export).”

You can register for the beta version of GameMaker:Studio right here in order to check it out and get familiar with how everything works, that is, if you’re interested in using it or just curious.

There’s always the free Lite version of GameMaker too which is now in its 8.1 version, you can download that here.

More information on GameMaker:Studio can be found on the official website.

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