We F*#$ing Did It! A new GameTunnel is on the way


We DID IT! It was fantastic to see our GameTunnel project become 100% funded, especially after last week’s server nightmare. Thank you to all people who backed this project and support IGM. We couldn’t have done this without your support! It is amazing how supportive and passionate the indie games community is. We are very excited about the new GameTunnel and look forward to sharing with our project backers exclusive updates. Even though our project is fully funded, we would love to have more backers and sponsors. Any additional funds will be used to advertise the new site and drive traffic and exposure to indie game developers.

I am happy to announce that Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated is working on the site redesign. We will be sharing the site designs and mockups exclusively with our project backers. It’s still not too late to donate and receive some great IGM rewards: http://kck.st/eVLvhr

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  1. Andy Strauch

    That’s awesome you guys are rebooting GameTunnel, I was sad it went by the wayside. I found out about it through the founder’s original site, GarageGames.

    Also, sidenote, my game totally snuck into your screenshot from Kickstarter, it’s The Scarab Gauntlet, to the right of yours lol.


  2. Mike

    Andy -

    We just did a search for ‘indie game’ on kickstarter and were happy to include the other projects in our screen capture. The people behind the Minecraft Mojang project are even backers of GT. Best of luck!

  3. Andy Strauch

    Oh okay, cool. Well congrats on getting it funded, looking forward to seeing what new content you guys put out on GameTunnel. Thanks for showing us in the screenshot!

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