‘GamrRank’ Aims For The Ultimate Game Ranking System


All the achievement points and trophies collected over the years can mean a lot to many a gamer these days, showing off their prowess or proving their metal on the hardest of titles. But now, new website initiative called GamrRank is aiming to take your hard earned scores and mush it together with community interaction to determine the ultimate game ranking. In other words, are you ready for a real challenge?

The website based system works on three fronts. The first and obvious is what you achieve in your games through XBox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam. The more you play the higher your score, but there’s two other areas you’ll have to work on in order to really jump up the player rankings.

The first is how you use social media to talk within the community about the games you play and what you achieve, via Twitter, Facebook and Twitch.TV, and the second is the response to your thoughts by other users (in other words, you’d better work on your communication skills!). As the website calls it: Play, Say, Respect.

Your total score is then worked out from all three aspects, 50% of which is your achievements themselves, 40% your social interaction and the remaining 10% being the response from fans.


GamrRank is currently in open beta form, but that isn’t stopping its creators Empire Avenue from adding new features to the system already. You can now combine your Xfire account to your GamrRank one to push your score higher whilst sharing screenshots and videos between both services, for example.

New Challenges have also been added, where you can win medals by completing certain achievements set by the website itself. For example, you might have to complete a certain achievement within your favourite game, then Facebook your result to a number of fans within a given time frame, or Facebook more than a certain number of times.

So if you’re looking for an added challenge to go with your Minecraft building or you’re looking to prove your worth as the ultimate gamer across every field imaginable, check out GamrRank and give it a go. You can sign up for a beta key on the official website right now.

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