GDC Pirate Kart Weekend: 700+ Games And Counting

GDC Pirate Kart
GDC Pirate Kart

What a wonderfully wacky, whimsical and (let’s not forget) walled-in weekend that was! February 25th-26th 2012 should go down in history as the time when the indie gaming scene pulled together and made games…lots of games! The effort was all in the name of the GDC Pirate Kart or Pirate Kart V, whichever you prefer.

The Kart is to be filled to the brim with lots of indie games and whisked off to San Francisco to this year’s GDC in March. A kiosk has been paid for by the many supportive people and so there it will sit with its hundreds (maybe even thousands) of games flaunting the beauty of true indie game development.

Before we get on to some of the highlights of the Kart’s games, we would like to remind everyone that even though this cram weekend is over, you should continue making and submitting games for the Kart. Even while positioned at the kiosk at GDC, the Kart will still be taking in games that you upload to it, adding to the weight of everyone’s efforts. So basically, make more games! Even if you think you can’t, trust us, you can – there’s a whole list of easy-to-use game development programs over on the Pirate Kart’s page.

The result of the weekend is the number of games in the Kart has reached over 700 in total and we’re still counting as they roll on in. So let’s have a look at some of the entries! Before that though, know that this is not us being discriminatory at all, feel free to add links to your own game in the comments section below!

First up, three games from one Tom “TomSmizzle” Smith:

  1. Time Demon Vs. Indie Coffee is about avoiding slow walkers on your way to a date as you are pursued by an ever-accelerating Time Demon.
  2. Pong Hack Dot Exe is about hacking a pong tournament in order to artificially create excitement to earn more tips from the Pong Nerds.
  3. Assage is a Passage parody where your character is a walking butt.
  • Super Redneck Stacker from Paul Greasley involves picking up some little critters from the water and stacking them atop each other. We caught one in mid-air just before they went for a dunk, that makes us amazing, right?
Super Redneck Stacker
  • You probably already know about this one, but Terry Cavanagh’s Hexagon is rather odd. Hang on, just readjusting my eyes to the screen…there we go. So you control a little triangle moving around a hexagon trying to dodge incoming shapes and lines, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. More importantly, you can hear more fantastic music of the same ilk on Chipzel’s page!
  • Christina Coffin is next with this bizarro piece she calls Tri Soup Shmup. It involves lots of triangles, shooting them and teleporting. Okay, there’s more to it than that – you have to build up a score while things gradually get harder, those triangles will kill you in one hit before long so preserve your energy!
  • Comic Sans makes this game ironic from Nanofus isn’t half bad you know. You have to click balls to gain score and not click already clicked balls to not lose. There’s also a lot of Comic Sans and MS Paint.
  • Rolling through the city as a giant flaming clavicle whilst setting joggers alight. Yup. Just look at Hot Clavicle from EffBee…just look at it! Oh, go and play it too of course.
Hot Clavicle
  • You know what this Pirate Kart needs? More pandas! Yeah that’s right and we’re not ashamed to tell you either. Hannardynamite was one step ahead of us though with her game PandaKart. Wait, are you making us shoot the pandas?!
  • Here is Pekka Väänänen‘s masterpiece Steakosaurus TURBO. With a name like that you know you’re in for a treat. We’ll let the developer sum this one up as they do it best: “Wanton nude streaker penguins are spreading terror in an important soccer match, that’s why you need to shoot them with police officers to score goals and win the game. Has Serbian music.”
  • N’awwww. Here’s a little heart warmer from David S. Gallant. His entry, A Game For Ana, is a belated Valentine’s Day gift. It’s all luvvy duvvy!
  • Finally, we have the monstrous effort from Sophie Houlden. SIXTEEN GAMES in one weekend from one crazy developer – we’re impressed! You can play all of them here, but our favorite has to be Pirate Kart Racing, naturally!
Pirate Kart Racing

You can check out all of the games made as part of the GDC Pirate Kart over on the official page. There’s more over on the Ludum Dare site as Mini LD 32 was held this weekend and was all about making lots of games for the Kart too.

Remember to link to your own games below!

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