Get Paid To Play – Will Pwn 4 Food Announces ‘DodgeBots’


Will Pwn 4 Food, a new company entering into the indie game scene is trying to create their first title called DodgeBots. DodgeBots is supposed to be a fast paced action game where you will be using your “ninja” skills to dodge balls headed for your face. DodgeBots takes inspiration from Mario Party mini-games in the sense that it is very easy to pick up and understand, but extremely hard to get skillful at. It’s also supposed to be extremely competitive due to the fact that players will be competing for prize money.

DodgeBots takes inspiration from Unreal Tournament and Bomberman, giving you the ultimate adrenaline rush in ten minute matches. As I said earlier, in DodgeBots you actually compete for actual money. Currently the game is in beta, so there isn’t any sort of prize money as of yet. On the bright side, Will Pwn 4 Food has claimed that some sort of prize will be given out for the person who has earned the most credits at the end of the beta period. Once the game officially launches, that is when you should expect to be competing for prize money.

DodgeBots is a browser game, so there is no client download needed whatsoever. That said, since it is a browser game, you’re going to need a stable internet connection to stream it. You shouldn’t need anything too fancy, but most play occurs online. You’ll be able to earn these credits and then cash the credits in for money through PayPal. Of course, that isn’t your only options as you will be able to request a check too. Either way, it’s a easy way to earn money. I can imagine it’s even easier if you’re a huge fan of Unreal Tournament or something fast paced like that.

It’s also worth mentioning that beta testing only takes place for three hours a day. The servers open up for testing at 7:00pm EST and close down at 10:00pm EST. In the mean time, Will Pwn 4 Food has put together a very informative video on how to play the game and has described what you can expect to be dodging in the game.

Official details haven’t been released on the DodgeBots beta prize, but we should here something fairly soon as DodgeBots progresses further into their beta period. If you want to get in on the beta for DodgeBots, just head over here to sign up and start testing out the game and stay tuned to IGM for more details.

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