‘Go Home Dinosaurs’ Release Approaches, Free Beta Live


Currently in the final stages of development by Fire Hose Games, Go Home Dinosaurs is an easy to pick-up-and-play tower defense game with “bite-sized” levels. The games features exciting new gameplay elements for tower defense titles: collect and trade tower cards with friends to customize the gameplay, craft flavors of weaponized gum to help fight dinosaurs, arm a gopher with a laser gun (you read that right), hire a mad scientist gopher to rain down meteors with a death ray (I promise I’m not making this up), and a variety of other wild features.

The objective of Go Home Dinosaurs centers on the player keeping marauding dinosaurs from crashing the gopher’s BBQ party. Players control one gopher who can burrow to any location on the grid to either deploy and shoot coconuts at dinosaurs or collect coconuts from coconut trees which randomly spring up through the level. Gathered coconuts are Go Home Dinosaur’s resource, and are needed to purchase the tower cards. Each tower has a unique grid-shape, so the placement of multiple towers becomes a strategy within a strategy-game.

We have previously previewed Go Home Dinosaur, back in April, at PAX.

Currently, Go Home Dinosaurs is available free in beta-form through Google Chrome, which can be found through the game’s official website.

While the beta is free, Fire Hose Games is accepting donations, and there are giveaways planned for donators. Simply click the “Support the Team” button within the game’s main menu, to donate.

Go Home Dinosaurs

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