Gorilla-Sized Update For ‘Natural Selection 2′ Released

Natural Selection 2 Onos
Natural Selection 2 Onos

Unknown Worlds have released a rather gargantuan update for Natural Selection 2 which sees the gorilla-like Onos introduced and playable, a new map and many bug fixes.

The multiplayer aliens vs. marines, FPS-RTS hybrid, Natural Selection 2 is still in its beta phase but has evolved once again with the latest build. The much anticipated Onos – an alien that is bulky in size and pretty much destroys everything in its path – is now playable. You can only evolve into Onos when your alien team has three hives though, that’s the only catch. For the marine side, a Prototype Lab is available which can research and unlock Jetpacks – so you can at least fly out of the way from a charging Onos.

The other major update is the inclusion of a new map called Mineshaft which you can hop on and play right now if you have pre-ordered the game already. Other than that, there is a huge list of balance tweaks and changes, all of which you can scroll down through here. For those who are done with reading, witness the trailer for mass awe:

Natural Selection 2 can be pre-ordered for $34.95 which grants you immediate access to the Beta through Steam and obviously unlocks the full game when it becomes available. More information on the game can be found on the official website.

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