‘Guns and Robots’ Developer Interview

Guns and Robots
Guns and Robots

Recently, I was able to interview the developers at Masthead Studios in Bulgaria, about their upcoming free-to-play third-person shooter, Guns and Robots. The game has players battling one another as customizable robots, outfitted with all sorts of weapons and technology.


IGM: What do you feel players will enjoy the most about Guns and Robots?

Masthead: The most enjoyable part of Guns and Robots is the unlimited customization options, where you can create many different looking robots. Once the robots enter the combat arena, the fun begins. The intense action that come with these battles make the game enjoyable by everyone. The music adds to the fun feeling and makes everyone rush into battle and start firing missiles and lasers.


IGM: Why was the American Old West chosen for Guns and Robots’ theme?

Masthead: The American Old West is just the first of many arenas for Guns and Robots. In the future we will include new arenas with completely different styles such as an American house, a pirate arena, a jungle arena and so on. The Old West in particular was chosen to be the promotional arena due to the close link between Western movies and the guns as well as the cool combination of robots and cowboys.

Guns and Robots

IGM: What sort of customizations can the player make to their robot?

Masthead: Players can fine-tune the look, the durability, the energy consumption, the weight, the weapons with different modifiers and just about everything else. By picking different parts from the inventory players create their deadly machines by combining separate modules to their liking. We are not talking about having a different hat each time you enter the arena, but having a whole new gameplay perspective with each robot a player can build. According to the overall tactics and strategy players are aiming for, they can have different gameplay experiences each time. For example, if a player wants fast-paced gameplay, the available options are light chassis, combined with a battery with low energy consumption, and light weapon enchantments and body parts. The options are many, as we gave our players the option to have different slots for different robots.


IGM: What sort of equipment and weapons does your favorite robot to use, have?

 Masthead: I am personally a fan of the light robots with a combination of heavy artillery. Being a DPS (damage per second) fan, this allows me to move fast across the arena, avoid enemy attacks and strike quickly and deadly when I see a good chance for it.

Guns and Robots

IGM: Guns and Robots will be free-to-play, but how is Masthead Studios ensuring that Guns and Robots isn’t simply a pay-to-win game?

Masthead: Guns and Robots will not be a pay to win game due to the simple fact that all players, either free or paid, will have the chance to get access to every weapon or armor type. The difference between free and paid players will be that the paid will achieve that at a faster rate and they will have access to more customization options – more accessories, colors and garage visuals. They will also have more robot slots.


IGM: The beta recently launched, where can players sign up for that, and what can they expect to find in the beta?

Masthead: Players can sign at the official site of the game: www.play-gar.com

We are also giving away beta keys through our partner sites. More news and information about the current giveaways can also be found on the official web page.


IGM: Where will Guns and Robots be available to play, upon its release on December 30th?

Masthead: We are still looking for publishing partners and will make announcement when we reach agreements. There will always be the option to download and play the game for free at www.play-gar.com


Big thanks to Masthead Studios for setting aside some time for us.

Expect to see more about Guns and Robots, on IGM, in the coming weeks, as the game nears its December 30th release date.

Guns and Robots

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