‘Guns of Icarus’ Launch Trailer Compensates For Release Delay

Guns of Icarus Online

With the launch date of Guns of Icarus pushed back an extra 30 days, Muse Games released a trailer to tide anxious fans over until the new release date of October 29th. The extra time will allow Muse Games to iron out a few lingering bugs. Pre-orders will still be taken up through the new release date, with a 25% off bonus for pre-ordering, in place. By pre-ordering, not only do you save money, but you gain instant access to the game as is.

Guns of Icarus is a co-op airship combat game which combines third-person and first-person combat. Teamwork is integral in Guns of Icarus, as it takes four players to properly man a ship, with each player having a different job and skills.

Enticing players to keep battling, Guns of Icarus will include achievements, costumes, stat tracking, and friends lists. Tournaments will also be held allowing the competitive crowd to but their honed skills on display, battling for prizes and prestige.

If you happen to be at the Eurogamer Expo in London next weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for Muse Games, as they will be in attendance, and showing off Guns of Icarus.

Follow the developers on Twitter: @MuseGames and be sure to “like” their page on Facebook, here, where they hold contests from time to time.

Excited for the game? You can pre-order Guns of Icarus from its official website right here to save 25% and get a head start on the competition by jumping into the game right away!

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