‘Guns Of Icarus Online’ Now Available for Pre-Order and Closed Beta

Night Sky

Guns of Icarus Online has been made available for pre-order. The offering from Muse Games is a cooperative airship combat game. The game is also entering closed beta, with a beta key giveaway being offered today on Facebook.  Beta access will run from now all the way up to September 30th, 2012.

Guns of Icarus Online is a first of its kind cooperative mix of a first person shooter and tactical team-based strategy for the airship shooter genre. Up to four people can control an airship and take the role of a Captain, Gunner, or Engineer. Players battle against other airships set to the background of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Teamwork is key to success as every position plays an important role.  The shooter offers 3 different classes, 5 different weapon types, and ship customization of 4 different categories of vehicles, the game offers a solid variety for strategical depth. A Captain must provide fantastic flying skills, an Engineer must be preparing, and a Gunner must be on target if a team wants to have success.

The Gunner at Work

The games artistic style is Steam-Punk inspired. The ships are structured like sailboats with blimps operating as the flying mechanism. It creates a recognizable art structure. The characters are also clad in old fashioned flying attire. They wear the old-timey goggles and strapped leather hats, common amongst the steam punk community.

Guns of Icarus is available for preorder here for 25% off, or the collector’s edition at 24% off. There is also a 4-pack available at a large discount. With a preorder is instant access to the closed beta, so interested parties can begin sinking their teeth into Guns of Icarus today. Check back with IGM soon for continuing coverage ofGuns of Icarusas the September 30th release date nears.

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