Heightened Omniscience: ‘Driftmoon’ Gets Large Alpha Update


Plucky Finnish developers Instant Kingdom have announced the release of the latest update for its top-down fantasy RPG, Driftmoon.

The newest piece of content comes in the form of a vast new in-game area called Nomon Docks, where the titter-inducingly named Steam Whale Company conducts its day-to-day operations. It’s in this industrially charged neck of the woods that you’ll encounter a ragtag gang of brand new characters, including a chap the developers are calling “Eelie the incredibly shy Zap-Eel,” along with a boisterous specimen known as Captain Catdog. Now, I don’t know about you, but socially anxious zap-eels and etymological feline/canine hybrids sounds to me like just the ticket for a refreshing, feel-good foray into the interactive audio-visual playground known as independent video gaming.



And that’s not even touching on the gameplay, which, according to Instant Kingdom, will carry on seamlessly from where previous players left off with their existing game saves forged via the Driftmoon Alpha build. Judging from the screenshots relating to the update, players will be able to explore a submarine full of delightful new points of interaction and a host of new side-quests to sink their teeth into. Thankfully, though, new and existing players wishing to savour the Driftmoon experience afresh will be more than welcome to do so, with full access to Nomon Docks available to anyone who downloads the Driftmoon Alpha build in the future.

To find out more about Driftmoon, take a look at the game’s official site, where the full version can be pre-ordered for €14.99.

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