Help Get The Red Back in the Black: ‘Red Solstice’ Requires Additional Funding

The Red Solstice
The Red Solstice

Some of our long-term readers might remember our first look at Red Solstice, the team-based tactical shooter from Ironward, back in January. At the time, we noted that a Q1 2012 release date was being targeted by developers but, as the spectre of misfortune reared its head, the studio ran into several obtrusive financial issues.

Rather than settling for a half-baked release candidate, and certainly far from canning the project altogether, Ironward have taken to Indiegogo in an attempt to secure public funding to give the game the polish it needs to secure a satisfactory launch in the shortest possible space of time. The team requires $10,000, almost $2,000 of which had already been raised as of this writing, in order to reach its target, but it’s worth noting that donors will be fully reimbursed if this monetary goal isn’t reached before the May 28th deadline.



Red Solstice, a game that’s set to provide both a substantial single-player campaign and a hefty online multiplayer mode, has now been in development for around three-and-a-half years, during which most of its creative team have been juggling full-time college studies with the game’s ongoing development process. Now, with the game reaching the end of its development cycle, they’re looking to make the final push towards the cultivation of the game they originally envisaged when the idea behind Red Solstice was conceptualised, culminating in their decision to reach out to the gaming community for extra assistance.

If you want to find out more about Red Solstice, or to donate to the project, head over to its Indiegogo page.

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