‘High Vaultage’ Gets A Spooky New Playable Character Today

High Vaultage
High Vaultage

Those crazy Ostrich Banditos got in contact to inform of us a momentous event this Friday the 13th concerning their game High Vaultage, but whatever could it be?

Cast you mind back about a month ago and we covered a little game called High Vaultage. Back then the developers were holding a little competition that could be won by playing their game and travelling the furthest distance. The winner is apparently called ‘neon lane’ and it turns out that they were masked so they get said mask in High Vaultage as a playable character.

High Vaultage

It turns out that this slightly spooky entrance from Neon Lane will be unveiled today in order to fit with day – “we’re taking all the lucky coincidences we can get (we’re going for 13:13 GMT as well)”. So there you go – expect a new masked character called Neon Lane in High Vaultage today you creepy lot.

If you haven’t already, give High Vaultage a go on Mochi Games, Newgrounds or Kongregate.

More information on High Vaultage can be found on the official website.

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