How Many Games Can You Make In 48 Hours? New Mini Ludum Dare Announced

Mini LD
Mini LD

That mischievous arranger of the Anti-SOPA Game Jam has just announced that they are also the host of the next Mini Ludum Dare.

In conjunction with the upcoming Pirate Kart V, the challenge in this Mini LD will be to create as many games as possible in the hope that you will submit them as part of the Kart too – kill two birds with one stone. The organizers of the Kart are hoping to have 2012 games made in 48 hours so they can bung them all in one huge game sticking device and take it with them to GDC 2012.

Mini LD

The Quality vs. Quantity Mini LD will take place over the weekend that is February 25th-27th, however, if you want to prepare yourself for this game creating extravaganza, there is to be a “nanoLD” on February 11th. Smaller than any speedy game making event ever organized, the nanoLD challenges developers to make a game from scratch in 48 minutes. Get your energy drinks out for that one! This, however, is not an official thing and will not take any submissions from developers.

More information on the Quality vs. Quantity Mini LD can be found on the announcement page and more information on Pirate Kart V can be found on its official website.

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