‘Humans Must Answer’ Gets Industrial With New Gameplay

Humans Must Answer
Humans Must Answer

Ring, ring. “Hello?” “Oh so you do answer! Listen, we’re working on a new industrial zone and we think you should check it out. There’s an enemy with a big magnet that uses it to turn a circular saw into a yo-yo.” “I’m there!”

Quick mock-up of the conversation with Sumom Games there, in which they told us about this area they’re working on. The picture above shows more of what it will look like than the video below, but as you can see it’s going to be quite a shiny industrial zone, not the grimy decaying places we’re more familiar with. That’s the shiny art style that goes with Humans Must Answer though, their 2D space shmup which has caught our eye for its visuals before. The gameplay ain’t bad either.

The most appealing thing is that you can combine weapons to make new and often more devastating effects against your opponents. You’ll need this to defeat this industrial zone enemy – the one with indestructible yo-yo saw that is. If you combine an energy ball with a lightning arc then you can send that saw back to the enemy at great speed, thus destroying them. Check it out below:

More information on Humans Must Answer can be found over on the developer’s official website.

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