‘Humans Must Answer’: Juicy New Gameplay Footage

Humans Must Answer
Humans Must Answer

Sumom Games have cranked out a new WIP gameplay video of their gorgeous looking shmup, Humans Must Answer.

Do you remember just the other day when we got rather excited and just a little bit moist at the discovery of Humans Must Answer? Do you? A new gameplay video was released just a couple of days ago and it’s happening all over again. This shmup is sporting some very appealing graphics and fortunately the gameplay is up to a similar level by the looks of things too!

We do apologize for the hype spewing out of our every orifice right now but it’s proving hard not to gush about a game such as Humans Must Answer. The artwork is astounding, it really is – make sure you watch the gameplay at 1080p and you’ll see what true beauty looks like.

But hey, we’re never ones to dwell on visuals for too long…ahem, so let’s look at the gameplay on show here. You can see some of the puzzle elements here very briefly, the drone towers which you can place to help you out, and perhaps most impressively, the combining of weapons to make devastating firepower. Looking good, no?

The developers says they’re only able to develop for Windows at the moment, but if things go well they will look into further versions, such as Mac and Linux.

You can find out more information on Humans Must Answer over on the developer’s official website.

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