Humble Abodes: ‘Home’ Now Available For Pre-Order


The shroud on psychological horror adventure Home has been removed as Benjamin Rivers, the game’s creator, has now made the game available for pre-order.

Home, set for release on June 1st, will be available in its standard Windows form for $2, completely DRM-free to boot. Alternatively, those wishing to splash out a little extra dosh can order the splendid-looking Old-School Collector’s Edition, which comes with a town map, full access to the game’s mapping tools, a physical, retro-laden manual and even a gosh-darn floppy disk. Crikey.

For those who didn’t already know, Home‘s major selling point is its promise that the player has almost total control over the manner in which the story – a gritty murder mystery – unfolds. The game world is said to evolve and adapt according to one’s own personal perspective, meaning that, in theory at least, anyone who plays the game through to its conclusion will yield strikingly different consequences to their actions throughout the chilling narrative. Backing up the tense, harrowing atmosphere is a gut-wrenchingly unnerving soundtrack and myriad of nasty little sound effects to scare you silly.

To put down your pre-order, or to find out more about Home, check out its official website.

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