Decaying Logic turn to Kickstarter to fund ‘I Will Survive’


London-based developers Decaying Logic are seeking funding via Kickstarter for their ‘multi-genre’ indie title I Will Survive. The two-man team have been among the first U.K indies to take to Kickstarter since the crowd-funding giant opened its doors to British projects in mid-October, with a goal of £5,000 (approx. $7964).

The game has a confirmed PC release, but there are plans to bring the game to iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and PS3 if they receive enough financial backing. Sadly, for every Tim Schafer-esque success story there’s dozens of funding campaigns that fail to gain any traction, inevitably falling by the wayside, and Decaying Logic’s Kickstarter fortunes so far have followed the latter path.

There is, at the time of writing eleven days left of the campaign with only £116 pledged. However, it isn’t yet too late for a revival, and there are plenty of worthwhile reasons to back this great-looking game.

The game presents a fractured, zombie-infested society but despite the dark themes at play Decaying Logic intends to inject a macabre sense of humour into proceedings with a “story built on sarcasm and satire”. The developers are also taking a new approach to zombie game design. Instead of casting the player in the traditional role of a solo survivor, the game boasts around 50 playable characters whose lives were cut short.

This seems a great way of showing the broader effects of the zombie apocalypse, by featuring many characters whose lives are all deeply affected by the corruption of infection. Presumably, this is where the ‘multi-genre’ element comes into play, as different characters will have different skills and different gameplay functions to perform.

Frankly, I’m astonished that I Will Survive hasn’t sparked more interest among the crowd-funding community already, as it seems a very interesting take on the zombie sub-genre. Decaying Logic have recently updated the campaign so that you can bag yourself a copy of the game upon release for only £5 (approx. $7.96), so there’s really no excuse not to get involved.

You can back I Will Survive on Kickstarter here, or go here to find out more about Decaying Logic.

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