‘Ichi’ Joins Latest Indie Royale Bundle


The Indie Royale Graduation Bundle has dangled yet another carrot under the noses of potential buyers with the addition of Stolen Couch’s one-button puzzler, Ichi.

Those who’ve already purchased the bundle will be granted instant access to the new game, whilst new customers will just need to pay the bundle’s minimum price, standing at £3.23 as of this writing, to savour the Ichi experience.



It’s fair to say that Ichi is a curious beast, despite its cutesy hand-drawn vibe. Players must collect golden rings littered around over 50 pre-developed levels by using teleportation devices, shattering blocks and rotating reflective mirrors. There’s also a rather nifty level editor included, permitting users from around the globe to upload their brainteasing concoctions with the gaming community, as well as being able to download levels created by other craftily-minded folks.

As another added bonus, payments equal to or in excess of $7 will be rewarded with a digital copy of Cheap Dinosaurs’ self-titled chiptune album. As usual, the album will be instantly downloadable and is available in .mp3 and .FLAC formats.

The Indie Royale Graduation Bundle can be purchased on its official site before its June 5th closing date.

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