IGM Debates: The Green Initiative


It’s time for another round of IGM Debates. This week, it’s all about Steam Greenlight.

Is Steam Greenlight an effective program for Indie developers?

It’s a program that has partially divided the community. Some like the initial ideas but others are concerned over its current community driven design. What do you think? Was it the right direction to take or is there a better or already existing method?

And if you’re a developer who has used or will use the initiative in the hope of gaining entry into Steam, let us know about your experience so far by posting via the official IGM Debates thread and be on the lookout for the results next week.

Now, a quick look back at last weeks topic.

You may recall we asked what you thought about Windows 8. It seems most of you aren’t greatly interested in the new OS just yet, perhaps a sign that Windows 8 may be lacking in a few key areas. Here’s some of the comments from our forum:

“I agree that the reason I prefer the windows platform is because of the more open nature of the operating system. Windows 8 is looking to be forming itself as a cash crop for Microsoft. The restrictions will allow them to have more control over what is on their system and reap the benefits.

The touch screen is interesting and I hope it’s implemented well with the native software. Game designers don’t need to change the way they design their games for the PC to accommodate this feature. Without saying I think we can all agree that would be terrible.

All this aside, I am personally looking forward to Windows 8. I’m going to wait before I upgrade, but it does look nice.”


“I do like the idea of Microsoft finally bringing all of their systems together (but) I can see many issues. I cannot get past the way they have homogenized many of their systems now. It feels a bit counter intuitive with the new touch oriented system that is still only useful really on touch screen – and how many people have one on their desktop?

Not only this but Microsoft really are moving to close their system and with Valve talking about moving away from Microsoft it can only hurt indie game development.

If we get to Microsoft’s idea of a perfect closed system where they control everything via the Microsoft store it really will just destroy this thriving indie market that has developed from the open nature of the system.”

- Alex Wilkinson

“Will it change gaming overall? Probably not much.

Could it hurt PC gaming? Yes, it def could.”

- Tom Christiansen

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