IGM Retro Is Re-launching?


What is IGM Retro? Good question. IGM Retro is a place where retro game lovers can come to revisit the past. Now, it might not necessarily mean that we will be covering indie retro games, as they are generally not as well know at all in comparison to  a hit like Super Mario 64, but we will cover liked and interesting games to you. IGM Retro will have reviews of retro games, commentary of retro games, and much more.

You may see that already IGM Retro has been launched. However, we are going to be bringing some life back into IGM Retro, and it is going to be relaunched on 21/09/2012 (tomorrow) at 8:00 AM. To celebrate this landmark event within the Indie Game Magazine family, we have also produced and created a trailer for IGM Retro, which can be seen below.

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