IGM cordially invites you to join us for a weekly contest called… #IGMFreebies. The contest is a recurring event which takes place every Thursday at 8:30 PM, Easter Standard Time.

The game is a fun event where players are asked to participate socially via Twitter, Facebook or G+. Winners will receive a free game which is compliments of the developer of the week. Typically our developer friends will provide us with 20 promotional codes which we give away through this event. If you are a player and want the free game, then the rules are as follows (If you are a developer and want to promote your game, see the form below!):

1) Participants must “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the trivia post by logging into the social network of their choice (Twitter, Facebook, or Google+) and submitting their comment.

2) Only those who are either following us on Twitter, have liked us on Facebook, or have +1′d our Google+ page will be eligible.

3) Responses must be tagged #IGMFreebies to be eligible, regardless of which social network participants respond through.


Example Trivia question- Where is the best place to find the latest indie game news and reviews?

Example Trivia response – The Indie Game Magazine of course! #IGMFreebies

4) Everyone gets one chance to submit their response. Second attempts after an incorrect answer will not be counted.

5) Spelling counts. So make sure you double check your answer.

6) We will ask four Trivia Questions every week, but each participant must choose and answer only one. The first five participants from each question category who answer correctly will win. So if five people have already answered one of the questions, don’t despair, just choose a different question to participate. Questions can be answered out of order, so strategize and pick whichever one you like. (Remember to add #IGMFreebies to your response.)

Developer Promotions

Are you a developer and want to get involved? Our contest will definitely help raise awareness about both your game and studio, and it only costs you 20 promo codes. (Or more if you’d like, but that’s up to you!) Our contest takes place across all our social media platforms simultaneously, so you can be sure your game will be on everyone’s mind when it comes time for #IGMFreebies. We always thank our sponsors every week via social media, and encourage our winners and audience to do the same!

If you would like to sponsor an upcoming giveaway, let us know by submitting an email to editors@indiegamemag.com, or by using the form below.

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