‘Incredipede’ Just Released, Time To Get Creative

incredipede Screenshot 06
incredipede Screenshot 06

Today marks a very memorable one for indie developer Colin Northway along with his wife Sarah Northway and of course Thomas Shahan. As today they officially released their awesome new puzzle game Incredipede.

Incredipede is a fantastic new puzzler that has you taking control of a Quozzle who has very special powers and is able to add extra limbs at will. You have to mould you Quozzle to the environment of each specific level to really progress in this zany new puzzler. It is no surprise that Incredipede comes from the genius behind Fantastic Contraption as both rely heavily on creation of highly creative and bizarre contraptions.

Alongside the inspired gameplay elements in Incredipede it also offers astonishing level design and amazing art overall. Developed by Thomas Shahan a very talented artist that is responsible for this woodcut style. It looks fantastic, unique and very in keeping with the game theme.

In an interesting move Colin Northway has designed a web platform that allows you to play the full game of Incredipede if you have the key or are logged into the desktop client via your browser. Allowing you to play this game truly on the move and as it has been created on the move this is a very fitting addition.

incredipede Screenshot03

If you however have not purchased Incredipede yet you will be able to experience the web client in demo form. It will limit you greatly and prevent you from toying with the design of the Quozzle but will give you a taste of what is in store but will always leaving you wanting more.

To play the demo of this fantastic game head to the official site here. You can of course also purchase the game via the official site for $14.99 along with view all the latest information from the Northway team. Northway Games official site can be found here.

I have been really looking forward to Incredipede for a while now and I can’t wait to get some hands on time with the game. Be sure to check back to The Indie Games Magazine soon for the full review and our verdict on this new puzzler.

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